Practical Coating Materials To Know(II)


The service life of paints depends on different products. The liquid mineral texture products are based on modified silicone resin emulsion, and the special coating technology is used to coat all kinds of colored paint into colloidal water color particles, which are uniformly and steadily suspended in the specific water dispersions. The coloring of various coloring particles is kept unchanged, and the pigments are not precipitated in water. Then the service life of this kind of exterior wall coating is about 15 years.Steel Pipe Suppliers

The liquid marble texture products use unique wrapping technology to make the products fully water-based, VOC content is very low, which greatly improves the service life of exterior wall paint.

Professional exterior wall paint liquid marble texture product with many features such as coating wear resistance, wash resistance, high temperature resistance, acid rain resistance, strong adhesion, good ductility, waterproof, mildew resistance, good self-cleaning; excellent construction, one-time forming, short construction period; cost-effective, can adapt to any irregular wall, can decorate any bending, fine edges and other parts, can fully reflect the line and level of the building. To reduce the wall load-bearing, the cost is only 30-40% of the cost of natural granite.

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