About Africa Culture And History(II)


Africa is one of the birthplaces of ancient human beings and civilizations in the world. It has the earliest written records since 4000 BC. Egypt in northern Africa is one of the birthplaces of world civilization. Since Portugal occupied Ceuta in 1415, European powers began to colonize Africa. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, about 95% of African territory was divided by the powers, and resources were plundered and seized for a long time. Colonies became independent after 1847, and the Year of African Independence (1960) symbolized the end of the colonial era of Africa as Africa broke away from the rule of the great powers. As a result of long-term ethnic conflicts, tropical diseases and environmental damage caused by industrialization, the former Western colonialism and corrupt regimes after independence have made Africa the most concentrated continent of developing countries, and the continent with the lowest level of world economic development. Africa’s total trade volume in one year accounts for only one percent of the world’s total.square steel tubing


There are many interesting legends about the origin of the word Africa. One legend is that in ancient times, a chieftain named Africus invaded North Africa in 2000 B.C. and built a city called Afrikyah. Later, people called this large area Africa.

Another legend is that “Africa” is the name of a goddess worshipped by the Berbers living in North Africa. The goddess is a patron saint. It is said that as early as the 1st century BC, the Berbers had found a statue of the goddess in a temple. She was a young woman in elephant skin. Since then, the name of the goddess “Africa” has been used as the name of the African continent.

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