Outdoor Sports Watch List(I)

Nowadays, more and more people like outdoor activities, hanging around the young people and setting off a climax. There are many unpredictable provocations in outdoor activities. At this time, many provocations can be easily answered if you have a faithful and reliable companion on your wrist. For this reason, many brands have launched Amateur Outdoor watch, which brings outdoor watch rankings for broad outdoor enthusiasts. Watches, after hundreds of years of development, were not a simple object of timing this morning.

Besides the traditional watches with identity and kindness, the movable watches with cool shapes and functions are also popular with people. Especially for the fashionable people who like sports, a watch is our best friend! Then, which one is better? Today let me introduce a few models to you.

What is Sport Watch?

The Sports Watches are different from our rare popular watches. They have better water-proof, shock-proof and fall-proof features. Besides, they also have the effects of air pressure guessing, height, rhythm and compass. Some of them also have the special effects of tidal chart performance and computer manipulation.

Nowadays, sports watches are no longer pure watches, but more like a high-tech instrument.square steel tubing

Brands of Sport Watch


GARMIN is a famous navigation electronic product brand in the United States. It was founded in 1989. For a long time, we have devoted ourselves to the research and development of GPS products, adhering to the concise and firm confidence.

Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong(II)

Exotic culture

Many exotic cultures can be found in Tsim Sha Tsui: CHUGRKING Mansions, which is populated by South Asian and African Americans, is especially famous. It is like entering India. There is also a Muslim mosque in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is the largest mosque in Hong Kong, near Kowloon Park.

The noble five-star Peninsula Hotel is full of British flavor. It is situated opposite the Hong Kong Space Museum. The hotel rooms can enjoy the view of Victoria Harbour. Its English afternoon tea is also well-known. The ground stores are dominated by high-class female brands.chick

Kimberley Street, is well known as Korean Street in local, can find many Korean restaurants and Korean food supermarkets. If you like Korean style food, then you may go there and have a taste.

Turkey, Russia, Italy and Japan can be found in Northford and Ashley Road. Tsim Sha Tsui is a tourist area, so there are many foreign tourists on the street, which also makes people feel foreign.

Shopping Tourism

Tsim Sha Tsui is the Pearl of Kowloon. During the day, tourists weave in the gourmet restaurants and international boutiques on both sides of Nathan Road.

At night, the Starlight Avenue in Victoria Harbour opens its colorful lights and becomes the most noticeable focus of Xiangjiang River. The 24-hour wonderful activities are staged in turn. Special attention should be paid to the fact that there are many special shops hidden in the streets and alleys on both sides of Nathan Road. They sell well-known local commodities and delicacies, which are worth visiting and appreciating by tourists.

LeBron James – Famous Basketball Player(I)

Well, very famous and widely popularized NBA player LeBron James owns so many fans of basketball around the worlds. Let us have a read about his experience below and know about his life experience from young.


LeBron James, born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio, USA, is an American professional basketball player. He is a small forward, nicknamed “Little Emperor” and plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.galvanized steel tubing

James was selected first in the 2003 NBA draft by Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round, and was the most valuable player in the NBA regular season (MVP) in 2009 and 2010. LeBron James joined the Miami Heat in 2010. In 2012, James won the third regular season MVP, the first championship and the final MVP in his NBA career.

He won the London Olympic gold medal on behalf of the American men’s basketball team, equaling Michael Jordan’s 1992 record. In 2013, James won the fourth regular season MVP, the second NBA championship and the second finals MVP, achieving two consecutive championships.

Great Pablo Picasso(I)

A famous celebrity and great painter Pablo Picasso. He demonstrated extraordinary artistic talent in his early years, painting in a naturalistic manner through his adolescence and childhood. Perhaps, the most of people will not understand his abstract painting, but it will not stop Pablo Picasso to become a very great painter. Till now his every paintings are very valuable.


Pablo Picasso was born on 25th October, 1881 and his death was 8th April, 1973, Spanish painter and sculptor, member of the French Communist Party. It is the founder of modern art and the main representative of Western modernist painting. Picasso is the most creative and far-reaching artist in the contemporary West and the greatest artistic genius in the 20th century.galvanized steel coil prices

Picasso’s artistic career almost runs through his life. His works are rich and varied. Later generations describe Pablo Picasso’s changeable artistic form as “Picasso is always young”. actually till now his works are really the edge of arts and be worshiped by many people.

The Les Demoiselles D’Avignon, which he painted in 1907, is the first work considered to be Cubism and a landmark masterpiece. It not only marked a major turning point in Picasso’s personal art history, but also a revolutionary breakthrough in the history of modern western art, which led to the birth of Cubism. Pablo Picasso is a prolific painter. According to statistics, his works totaled nearly 37,000 pieces including 1,885 oil paintings, 7,089 sketches, 20,000 prints and 6,121 lithographs.